Illinois IRP services

IRP Express, Inc. was established in 1999 in Bridgeview Illinois to provide trucking services for truck drivers and truck owners in Illinois. We have experienced first hand the difficulties of conforming to the trucking industry laws and all government applications and requirements such as the International Registration Plan also knows as IRP, and therefore we strive to provide quality service to help our clients meet those requirements. We have many years of experience and offer quality service in different languages to help accommodate our client’s needs. We speak English, Arabic, Spanish, and Polish.

IRP Express Inc goal is to help truck drivers and owners comply to local and interstate registration, permits, file legal forms and quarterly reports in their state and when required.

IRP Events

Due by June 30th:
Illinois Base Plate Renewal

IRP and IFTA record keeping requirements:

  • Quarterly Mileage & Fuel Purchase Recap
  • Monthly Mileage & Fuel Purchase Recap
  • Individual Vehicle Mileage/Fuel Record
  • Individual Vehicle Mileage Record

What vehicles are exempt from IRP registration?

Government owned vehicles; city pick-up or delivery vehicles; chartered parties buses recreational vehicles, vehicles operating with restricted license plates; and vehicles operating intrastate miles only.